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Our employees are what make MATEC a successful and growing company.  MATEC offers a comprehensive benefits package featuring a range of benefit options that will provide for the all around well-being of our workforce.

Mid Atlantic Technical and Executive Consulting, LLC currently offers employees the following benefits as a term of employment.



MATEC offers a 401(k) savings and investment plan, designed to help participants accumulate wealth in a tax-effective manner. Some plan highlights include:


  • Contribute on a before-tax 401(k) basis or alternatively on an after-tax Roth 401(k) basis directly through payroll

  • A diverse choice of investment options. Professional investment advice options are available to help you direct your contributions based on your needs and preferences

  • Make the most of MATEC’s employer 401(k) match formula — $1.00 per dollar on the first 5% of eligible pay you contribute, for employees with at least 60 days of service at the end of the plan year. Participants are 100% vested in their own contributions and the related earnings.

  • The plan allows participants to take a loan while actively employee


Paid time off and holidays

  • PTO gives eligible professionals the flexibility to manage time off in a way that works best for them. MATEC’s PTO program gives professionals an allotment of days that encompass vacation, personal, and sick time. Eligibility and actual PTO accrual will depend on the professional’s position. To provide additional flexibility, our program includes a carryover provision for unused vacation leave up to a maximum of 20 days at the end of the calendar year.

Medical and dental

  • MATEC offers a range of medical and dental plans for our employees.


Well-being subsidy

  • MATEC is committed to helping our professionals lead healthy lifestyles. As part of this, MATEC covers 50% of qualifying health & fitness expenses (gym memberships, gym equipment, Weight Watchers, etc.) up to $500 per year, through our well-being subsidy.


Continuing Education

  • MATEC is committed to the development of our workforce.  MATEC offers a continuing education program that will provide funding for an advanced degree on a case by case basis.

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