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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

MATEC is supporting the DoD’s F-35 Joint Program Office in reducing the program’s lifecycle costs with a focus on reducing what the program pays for the aircraft as well as the cost to sustain the aircraft.


Defense Procurement and Contracts

In the last year, through our support of the Defense Procurement and Contracts organization, we have performed technical evaluations and negotiation support of multiple major subcontracts for the F-35, resulting in cost savings of approximately $46 million of dollars to the program. With our support of Navy Price Fighters, we have also reduced the F-35’s Annual Cost Estimate by $14B by using our “should cost” review expertise. In both cases, creating value to the F-35 program, government agencies and prime contractors we are supporting through our value through analysis approach.


MATEC is also working with Naval Air Systems Command in support of proposal and technical evaluations of systems for the F-18 program, in an effort to continue to procure the platform at a fair and reasonable price to support warfighter needs.

In addition to our government support, MATEC has partnered with industry in the business development arena using our experience with proposal evaluations to aid in the development of a technically sufficient and competitive response to the requestor’s needs.

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